Family houses

Would you like to build a house for your family? We can help as we have already built many of them.

Building of a new house can be a big financial and organisational challenge with long-term consequences for an investor. This is why we ensure that each detail is presented to you with outmost care and that all decisions are carefully taken together. In Artwood architectural bureau we understand that each and every house is different as it has to be adapted to various lifestyles, needs as well as the environment in which it is situated. We offer initial visit to the plot and first counselling free of charge. Click here for more information on housing architecture.

Public buildings

Restaurants, cafes, bars, industrial buildings, apartment blocks and communal buildings are our speciality. Artwood architects guarantee you high quality and well implemented projects based on our experience, references and close ties with local craftsmen. Click here for more information on public buildings.

Interior design

For your apartment, your house, your offices or your restaurant/bar/cafe we create a surrounding and an ambiance in which you can be successful and happy. Click here for more information on interior design.


Based on your wishes we can design for you unique pieces of furniture, entrances, gates and similar objects. These unique pieces are adapted to specific environments and ambiances and therefore contribute to underlining the environment’s main features. In contrast to industrially designed objects, unique pieces designed by Artwood have a soul that is a reflexion of your wishes and preferences. Click here for more information.

Standard project

We build an energy efficient and quickly constructed house, suitable for multiple purpose use. Free of charge we acquire your building permit for a plot with utility connection. Click here for more information on standard projects.

We offer initial visit to the plot and first counselling free of charge. Send us an e-mail to or fill in the contact form in order to arrange a meeting. Please ensure that your contact phone number is included.