Family houses

In our architectural bureau we reach to our customers’ wishes with an individualised approach to each individual project, our flexibility towards our clients and a holistic management of projects. In creating architecture what leads us is our connection to nature, flexibility of spaces, use of natural materials and renewable energy sources all in connection to economical use of resources for the planned building. We aim towards modern build using modern materials and technologically advanced solutions.

One-family house

Would you like to build a house for your family? We can help as we have already built many of them.

Building of a new house can be a big financial and organisational challenge with long-term consequences for an investor. This is why we ensure that each detail is presented to you with outmost care and that all decisions are carefully taken together. In Artwood architectural bureau we understand that each and every house is different as it has to be adapted to various lifestyles, needs as well as the environment in which it is situated.

We offer initial visit to the plot and first counselling free of charge. Send us an e-mail to or fill in the contact form in order to arrange a meeting. Please ensure that your contact phone number is included.

Quality architecture

We create a cosy, nice and modern new home for you which will ensure that the value of your investment is maintained in a long-term. Quality architecture is adapted to your wishes and needs and reflects the specific environment of your plot. With planning your new house we make the best use of the prerequisites of your location such as your view, vicinity of the forest, trajectory of the sun as well as tackle potential deficiencies such as proximity of neighbours, noise from the road etc. In brief, we build the best possible house on your plot.

We help you save money and time

With our extensive experience we estimate your investment costs already before the beginning of the project. We closely follow the construction of your home throughout its entire duration and we direct contractors and subcontractors in order to ensure that you house is built with accurately and safely. In this manner we prevent you from many worries and potential additional unexpected costs. Once your house has been built it will allow you to profit well from its low energy use for many years in the future.

We prepare complete technical documentation

All technical documentation will be prepared for you in one place. In Artwood architectural bureau we lead all phases of your project: from leading the architectural file to designing your individual pieces of furniture as well as coordinating with all experts involved in construction of your new house. You will receive a file which contains architectural, construction, machinery and electrical installations projects, fire studies and possible other elaborates.

Phases of project documentation are:

  • Conceptual design. This is the beginning of our work consisting of programming the divisions and sketches of the object. Usually we merge this first phase Preliminary design phase which is, as we have learned from experience, more useful for the customer.
  • Preliminary design. In this phase we prepare the basic lines on location of your house, floor plan, cross-sections and plan view. Here you will be able to see all key data on how you house will look like.
  • Design for acquisition of building permit. This consists of the lead folder, an architectural project with floor plans, electrical installations and fire safety plans. The project with design for acquisition of building permit has to be taken to the local Administrative unit.
  • Project for construction. In this phase we make detailed projections with descriptions and other necessary details that ensure a smooth and quality construction of your house.

Renovation and adaptation of houses

Are you an owner of a house, which is costly to maintain, has too high energy use, is aesthetically inappropriate for the surroundings or even has statics problems? Would you wish to change the intended function of your house due to changed needs? We can adapt and renovate your house into an attractive building which is suitable for your needs, has lower maintenance costs and long-term value.

Extension of the house

If your house is too small for new family members we can design an extension which completes your spatial needs. In dialogue with the existing house a well designed extension will enrich your living space.

How do I get a building permit?

Building permit is an official document which allows for a construction. It is issued on the basis of a design for acquisition of building permit which is a phase in preparing plans for houses. We offer the whole process from idea to acquisition of a building permit, from initial visits to plot to counsel entirely for of charge.

Standard project

We build an energy efficient and quickly constructed house, suitable for multiple purpose use. Free of charge we acquire your building permit for a plot with utility connection. We guarantee your investment costs estimation once all details have been decided upon. Click here for more information on standard projects.

Energy efficient buildings

Our architecture is reputed for designing efficient and low energy use as houses are designed to make the best use of natural sun trajectories allowing for no need for expensive heating technologies. Maintenance of houses is optimised so that operating costs are minimal.

Send us an e-mail to or fill in the contact form in order to arrange a meeting. Please ensure that your contact phone number is included.