History of Artwood architectural bureau

The Miklavc family holds a long tradition with the art of architecture. This shows in each and every project that Artwood produces still today. We hold long-lasting experiences and aim for a real prudence and excellence in our work. The company was established by Adi Miklavc who carefully and in detail transferred his skills and knowledge to his son Damjan Miklavc. He is today Chief architect of Artwood bureau.

Adi Miklavc, architect


Adi Miklavc was born at Polzela (Slovenia) in 1937, where he spent most of his childhood. He went to primary school at Polzela and graduated from a Gymnasium in Celje. After finishing his secondary education he studied at the Department for Architecture, Faculty for Civil engineering, Geodesy and Architecture of the University of Ljubljana. He finished his studies with a diploma seminar work under the mentorship of prof. Mihevc in 1963.

Between 1968 and 1970 he took part in a consular visit to Libya, which took place in the framework of international technical aid to the country. In 1971 he worked on a bigger project in Kuwait.

In 1972 he became acting director of the Institute of Urban Study of Velenje, where he started to study in detail the space and urban issues in Šaleška dolina. Later in his career, Adi Miklavc worked as chief urban planner, President of workers council, Member of economic councils etc.

His most important works include:

  • Library in Velenje (currently a gallery), 1971
  • New church of St. Michael in Skorno pri Šoštanju, 1973
  • Church of St. Joseph in Škale, 1976
  • Church of St. Margaret in Polzela, 1988
  • Mortuary and cemetery in Polzela

These works were undertaken by Adi Miklavc in collaboration with various partners.